Saipraneeth Reddy

Vice President Welfare

Hi my name is Saipraneeth Reddy

Hi, I’m Saipraneeth Reddy, pursuing my Masters in Construction management. Over the past two year as a student, I constantly strived to learn, understand and solve, through this process I’ve actively developed the artistry to be a people’s person. As a Vice-President Welfare at DUSA, I idealise to amplify my reach towards students via constant interaction with peers, helping them reach their potential. My sole goal is to ensure every student here feels welcome, and build an environment which signifies the uniqueness of diversity, yet uniting together as a family.

My inclination towards being in service for others lead me to becoming the Vice-President at the Deakin University Indian Club-Geelong and then the elected President for the club. I’ve managed to escalade in bringing my fellow mates together by not just being a leader but being a facilitator for the well-being of students. My further intention is to abide by my motto of uniting every student at Deakin University, and creating rainbows through all the rains and sunshine of a students’ life. In the process, I am heartily a student, by the students and for the students, because ‘the role of a leader is not to come up with good ideas, but the role of a leader is to create an environment where great ideas happen’.

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