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Ebony Martinesz

Burwood Campus Coordinator

Hi my name is Ebony Martinesz

Hey everyone! I'm Ebony, the Burwood Campus Coordinator for 2022. This is my second year being the Burwood Campus Coordinator, and I’m currently in my fourth year of my Bachelor of Creative Arts degree (majoring in Visual Arts). My role includes guiding the Burwood Campus Committee to be the very best student representatives they can be for Deakin University students with varied tasks such as coaching my campus committee to orchestrate ideas that would benefit the entire student community and motivate them to keep pushing for better programs and conditions so Deakin students feel comfortable with their rights on campus.

Over my enrolment at Deakin since 2018, I’ve been involved in many DUSA clubs and Societies as both an executive and a general club member. They’ve been a great way for me to meet some amazing people with similar interests: and some of those people I now consider lifelong friends. I’m invested in making sure students are well represented, which includes implementing a more inclusive DUSA, having a regional voice on campus and promoting a higher level of student engagement.

Now I’m sure you’re sick of hearing me blabber on, but if you have some concerns or suggestions for student life at the Burwood campus you’d like to bring up, don’t be afraid to contact me.

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