Gigi Mcbeath

Cloud Campus Coordinator

Hi my name is Gigi Mcbeath

My name is GiGi McBeath, I am the Cloud Campus Coordinator for 2021. I am a post-grad student studying psychology, politics and policy, a full-time worker, and a community volunteer. My passions and profession revolve around equity, justice, and advocacy. The Cloud Campus Committee represents the collective voice of Cloud students. We’re invested in ensuring your university experience is positive and successful.

The Cloud Campus Committee receive and respond to questions and concerns, identify gaps in service delivery, implement sustainable solutions, ensure equitable access, and advocate on behalf of students. We also provide virtual social opportunities for student networking and connection, facilitate silent online study sessions, deliver information campaigns, and run competitions during Trimesters. In 2020 The Cloud Campus Committee supported students through the challenges of the pandemic by assisting in financial support applications, providing peer support and information for professional mental health services, hosting information campaigns on topics of both social relevance and special interest, and providing a safe space for artistic expression of the lived student experience of social distancing. We are ready to shake off COVID-fatigue and take ownership of 2021 with more engagement, more events, and more comps!

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