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Hi my name is Guleid Abdullahi

Hi Besties! My name is Guleid Abdullahi, I’m an international student from Kenya, and I am your 2022 President ;D

My role involves being the primary spokesperson of DUSA, liaising directly with senior university staff, and being responsible for the governance of DUSA. I am a third-year Double Bachelor student studying Information Technology and Information Systems.

I started university 1 week late so I missed all of the JAFFY first-year stuff but I was able to make it just in time for the club market day and I saw the dragon flag thingy and I was like hold up that dragon is from League of Legends, and on that day I found my first home in my university. I know it is corny but like that was my first introduction to DUSA; an esports club. I then became the President of that club which helped me learn even more about DUSA! Then, in 2019, I decided to run for the Diversity Officer, which I won. Yay! I then decided to take on more responsibility and I won again! We love to see it. I decided to give it one more go this year and guess what? I won XD!

I was ready for a great year again this year but COVID decided to pull an encore and it put a lot of students, including myself, into a limbo of disarray. DUSA did not falter, we advocated for our students, got students 2 week extensions on assignments, put more money into the financial support scheme to support our students in financial need, and even created jobs with COVID safe ambassadors and gave them to students who needed it most. We were able to achieve so much, and even though I have been in DUSA for my second year, my love for this union grows, even more. I wanted to take a bigger part to help this growth reach new levels and I cant wait to see what I can do this year for our students v( ̄∇ ̄)

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