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Hi my name is Max McGahan

Hey! My name is Max McGahan and I'm proudly one of your DUSA student councillors for 2023! I'm studying my Bachelor of Arts majoring in Policy and Politics and International Relations while also minoring in Drama. I was born in the United States and travelled around the world which has grown within me a curiosity for everything relating to humanity. One particular experience was being a part of the 'Projects Abroad' program in Cambodia where we fixed up a local kindergarten in the outskirts of Phnom Penh.

I've been enrolled at Deakin for 2 years now and so far a day hasn't gone by where I haven't felt tremendously grateful and prideful to be a part of such a likeminded, diverse, and wildy creative community of students that has made my campus life truly special and feel a sense of belonging. This has especially been the case being involved in multiple social/arts clubs and societies where I've made tones of close friendships and have had the privilege of being a part of an executive team. Some of the responsibilities I had were to directly plan social events and learning how to sustain engagement through commitment, passion and a drive to see our Arts faculty grow into a truly distinct and special community on campus.

Like so many of you those last few years have had a drastic impact on my studies and mental health that has caused everything to become dim. But with that has inspired me to get more involved with student activism and a desire to see that students get a fairer deal. My goal is to be a representative that will listen to your concerns and will advocate on your behalf for a better academic life and a brighter post covid future on campus."

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