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Sarbjeet (Sunny) Singh

Geelong Campus Coordinator

Hi my name is Sarbjeet (Sunny) Singh

Hello, I am Sarbjeet! Everyone calls me ‘Sunny’. I am the 2023 Geelong Campus Coordinator for DUSA. I am currently in my fourth year of Bachelor of Civil Engineering (HONOURS). I am an international student from India and moved to Australia three years ago to chase my dreams. Throughout my degree, I have been involved in various Deakin initiatives and programs that are run to help students have a better time at the University. Now, I am really excited to start my journey with some amazing people at DUSA. Apart from my study and DUSA, I really enjoy spending my time outdoors, walking, running, playing almost any sport and being around with my friends. I like reading books in my free time too!

In the past, I was a Peer Mentor and a Success Coach at Deakin University. Currently, I am also involved with Deakin as a Student Ambassador. Being an international student and working on different roles at Deakin allowed me to gain a lot of experience and provided me with an opportunity to work towards on-campus student experience. Now, being a DUSA campus coordinator, I will be leading a team of DUSA representatives and ensuring successful proposal and execution of the projects and events. I will be working along with DUSA to ensure that all students are feeling inclusive and are having a good time. I will highly encourage you to engage with DUSA events and activities as it will be a good opportunity to have a lot of fun while studying and make some friends.

If you spot me anytime around campus, please feel free to tap my shoulder and say hi. If you are having any concerns or suggestions that you would like to discuss, please feel free to reach out.

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