Bowling Night (DUBS, DES & DUFS)

Deakin Engineering Society (DES)


Get ready to strike it big with the Deakin Engineering Society (DES), Deakin University Forensic Society (DUFS), and Deakin University Biomedical Society (DUBS) as they team up for an unforgettable Bowling Night!

Join us on Thursday 25th May at Oz Tenpin Geelong for a night filled with friendly competition, networking, and lots of fun. Members from all three societies will have the opportunity to forge new connections, foster interdisciplinary collaboration, and showcase their bowling skills.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this is a perfect chance to unwind, meet fellow students and academics, and create lasting memories.

Become a member of your student association and you’ll get awesome merch PLUS discounts on your OFest tickets.

Female student standing outside wearing a DUSA Hoodie and carrying a DUSA backpack
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