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United Sports Society (USS)

Waterfront, Waurn Ponds

The vision of the United Sport Society (USS) is to “Unite all students that share a love for sport”.

The main appeal of USS is that we cater to students of all campuses and study modes. Whether you study online or on-campus at Burwood, Waterfront, Waurn Ponds, or Warrnambool, USS provides offerings for all students that love sport.

The marquee event of USS is the World Series. A completely online competition, the USS World Series consists of fantasy sport and tipping competitions across a broad breadth of real-world premier sporting competitions. Overall winners, as well as winners of individual competitions and circuits (combination of either fantasy sport / tipping competitions) are rewarded with prizes! There are also mystery prizes throughout the year to encourage continual engagement. And, if you don’t win anything, then at the very least you’ll have enjoyed the opportunity to make genuine connections with fellow like-minded students.

Learn more about our World Series here:

Another mission that is important to USS is bridging the gap between other sporting clubs and societies at Deakin. Together, we aim to create a cohesive community of social sport enthusiasts. Using sport, we aim to enhance the social environment of Deakin University and make it an even better place to gain an education!

Quite simply, connecting and uniting like-minded students is importance to USS.

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