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Deakin cloud student Andrew with a young boy he coaches Baseball in the United States

Best Strategies for Fantasy Sport Success

  • Saturday July 17th, 2021
  • 9:00 AM


Come along and listen to fellow Deakin student Lochlin share with you, strategies for AFL Supercoach - Classic and Draft and strategies for NFL drafts. This session is geared towards people that have an interest in sport and fantasy sport as well as those that may take part in the DUSA Virtual World Series. This session is free!

Check out Lochlin's profile below or find out more about him here.

What are you studying?

Bachelor of Business (Sport Management)

Why did you design this program?

This program actively promotes the DUSA Virtual World Series (DVWS) - an online tournament consisting of fantasy sport and tipping competitions (esports also pending). This is scheduled to start July 16, with ongoing competitions - meaning that students can sign up at any time after July 16 without facing a major disadvantage.

However, there are other reasons why I wanted to design this program. Mainly, I wanted to give people an insight into the complexity of fantasy sport. There is a great deal of analysis that is required to be successful, and that is often not fully appreciated. The skills you develop through competing in fantasy sport competitions are largely beneficial in other facets of life - with improved decision making, understanding of opportunity cost, and budgeting capabilities. Some people are able to make thousands of dollars in profit each year just from fantasy sport - which is understandably very helpful.

What are you most looking forward to on this program?

Engaging and networking with other students that share an interest in sport. Perhaps these students will wish to further pursue their interest by signing up for DVWS.

Why should people sign up for your program?

To connect with other students that love sport. To learn about the complexity and enjoyable facets of fantasy sport. To learn more about the DUSA Virtual World Series.

What do you love most about DUSA?

I love how DUSA is able to connect the Deakin student body. DUSA organizes so many programs and activities to engage students - it just makes time at university so much more enjoyable and inclusive.

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