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Even you can speak Spanish - Workshop 2!!

  • Thursday April 22nd, 2021
  • 2:00 PM


Fellow Deakin student Payal will introduce you to the Spanish language in these free beginners workshops! Whilst we encourage you to attend all three sessions, however you can attend just one or two if you like.

15th April 2021, Thursday- Session 1

First session will be focused on intro covering the importance of a second language, impact, career, intro-speaking, greetings, days of week and months, Revision of Week 1. The sessions won’t be interlinked.

22nd April 2021, Thursday- Session 2
If you didn't come to session 1, we still encourage you to attend.

Revision of session 1, Quiz, Basic Intro, Numbers, Colours, Phrases, Revision of session 2

29th April 2021, Thursday- Session 3

Quiz Revision of session 1&2, Quiz for session 1&2, Listening to different audios and trying to identify and understand, Audio quiz for session 3, Wrap up of all sessions.

This is not an accredited course, you will not receive a certificate for your participation.

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