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Mocktail Making Workshop (Geelong)

Join fellow Deakin students Oliva & Ally and learn to make some delicious mocktails!

  • Thursday March 2nd, 2023
  • 11:00 AM


Join fellow Deakin students Liv and Ally and learn to make some fun and delicious mocktails! These drinks are designed to impress!

You will be making the following Mocktails as part of this session.

  • Sunrise orange
  • Passionfruit martini
  • Shirley temple
  • Mojito Mocktail
  • Blue Lagoon

Mocktail Ingredients, recipes and utensils will be provided during this workshop. This workshop will run for 1 hour approximately.

You do not need to register for this event, please come to Building JB, Student lounge next to DUSA Reception. Places are limited on the day.

Want to know more about your session facilitators?

Our names are Liv & Ally and we are studying a Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws.

This program was designed because it is a fun program and we like to see how creative we can get with making mocktails. We looking forward to meeting new people and creating fun and colourful mocktails.

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