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Back to Calm

  • Wednesday May 18th, 2022
  • 12:30 PM


This is a free one hour length online workshop with the intention to calm the nervous system, and provide people with exercises that they can then use in day to day life to regulate themselves when they are stressed/anxious/heightened. It involves Yoga, Meditation, Resourcing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) and Somatic Experiencing.

About the Facilitator
Jess is a Yoga and Meditation teacher, and an EFT Healing Practitioner, here to support others in their journey to peace. She understands the importance of nervous system regulation and aims to teach others the tools to regulate themselves and get you to a point where feeling calm is their natural state. Jess' purpose is to empower students by supporting them in connecting deeply with their bodies - physically, emotionally and energetically. Jess' nurturing and playful teaching style encourages students to engage in a practice of self-discovery and move from a place of intuition and intention. Bringing gorgeous energy, a soothing voice and a bit of fun, her classes will leave you feeling uplifted and at peace.

This is a free event, but you will have to register!
All DUSA events are LGBTQIA+ friendly.

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