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  • Monday September 19th, 2022
  • 8:00 AM


Keep fit this Self Care Week with Deakin ACTIVE!

From Skill X, Boxing, and Body Pump to Yoga and Pilates - there's something for everyone.

The sessions are either held via Zoom or in person on Burwood and Waurn Ponds campuses.

Please REGISTER for all group fitness classes via the DeakinMOVES App or through the Zoom links below.

See schedule below. Scroll all the way down for more info on each session!

Monday, 19 September

Yoga 12:15-1 PM via Zoom:
Strength 6:15 PM - Burwood
Pilates 5:30 PM - Waurn Ponds
Boxing 5:15 PM - Waurn Ponds

Tuesday, 20 September

Meditation 10:15-10:30 AM via Zoom:
Skill X 12:15 PM - Burwood
Running Group 4:00 PM - Burwood
Bootcamp 5:15 PM - Waurn Ponds

Wednesday, 21 September

Pilates 12:15-1:00 PM via Zoom:
Body Pump 5:15 PM - Waurn Ponds

Thursday, 22 September

Meditation 10.15-10.30am via Zoom:

Yoga, special after hours class, 5.15-6.00 pm via Zoom:

Meditation, special after hours class, 6.15 - 6.25pm via Zoom:

Session Information

Skill X

Skill X is the premier small group fitness training class at DeakinACTIVE. The focus for these 45 min sessions is on high intensity interval resistance training. The Skill X class is scalable to all fitness levels testing the range from beginners to seasoned athletes


Boxing will work your whole body and mind. Our boxing instructors will lead you through efforts of different punches and combos using gloves and pads. You will receive a high level of cardio, muscle strength, sharp reflexes, and a focused mind. You will see an improvement in not only in your physical strength, but in your mental strength as well


A full-body workout designed to push your limits. Utilising bodyweight and resistance exercises to maximise your training and increase your ability to push your body.

Body Pump

A high-intensity resistance-based class, aiming to achieve the ‘pumped’ feeling following a good weights workout. Uses a variety of equipment to achieve a complete full body workout. A great class for beginners to learn the basics of resistance exercises in an engaging and positive environment.


The perfect way to activate your body in a relaxing, low impact environment whilst also improving balance, flexibility and core strength. The class is conducted through Zoom and can be joined from anywhere.


A ground-based full body session that aims to improve full body function. Our sessions target physical strength, flexibility, posture and mental awareness. The session is conducted through zoom and can be joined from anywhere.


An entrance into mindfulness and relaxation. A short session designed to help break up your day and reduce your stress and anxiety. Conducted through Zoom and can be joined from anywhere.

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