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Deakin Social Badminton Tournament

The event will be held on Deakin Burwood campus but is open to students from all campuses

Come along to the 2021 Deakin Social Badminton Tournament on the 23rd of May 1:30pm... It will be raining badminton down at the Deakin Burwood Sports Hall! Whether you love the sport or you've never touched a racquet before, It doesn't matter! All you need to do is come along and we'll take care of the rest. It'll be a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, make new connections and more importantly take a break from the hectic trimester that you've been having. We'll play a doubles tournament as well as a singles tournament so that each and every person gets a chance to play. We'll also provide some free drinks on the day.
Last but not least, there's prizes to be won! Champions will be crowned for being the best badminton player at Deakin! Get those tickets now!!Some Details about the event:
- The event will be held at the Deakin Burwood Sports Hall on campus, on 23rd of May 1:30pm - 5:00pm
- Players of all skill levels are welcome
- We will have both a doubles tournament as well as a singles tournament
- Drinks will be provided (BYO Food)
- Prizes will be given out to winners as well as participants
- Badminton equipment will be provided (Encouraged to bring your own racquet if you have one)
- Please come in comfortable/sports attire for the day.

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