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Sunny Sarbjeet Singh

Assistant General Secretary

Hi my name is Sunny Sarbjeet Singh

Greetings! I go by the name 'Sunny,' and I proudly serve as the 2024 Assistant General Secretary for DUSA while pursuing my fourth year in Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours). Originating from India, I embarked on my Australian journey three years ago in pursuit of my dreams.

My journey at the university has been dynamic, where I've actively participated in initiatives aimed at enhancing the student experience. You might recognize me as the Geelong campus coordinator during my 2023 term.

Beyond academics and DUSA commitments, I relish my time outdoors—whether walking, running, engaging in various sports, or simply enjoying the company of friends. Reading books also captivates me during my leisure moments.

My past roles as a Peer Mentor and Success Coach at Deakin University endowed me with invaluable experiences. Presently, I continue contributing as a Student Ambassador, leveraging my international background to advocate for a more enriching on-campus experience. At DUSA, my focus revolves around championing student concerns, supporting campus committees, and fostering inclusivity.

I earnestly encourage you to partake in DUSA events; they offer not just fun but also avenues for forging lasting friendships amidst your studies.

Should you ever cross paths with me on campus, don't hesitate to say hello. Whether it's voicing concerns or sharing suggestions, I'm here to listen and support.

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