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Experiencing financial stress? DUSA Financial Wellbeing provides free information and advice about financial matters for all Deakin students based in Australia.

July 2024 Update: It's tax time! Have questions about lodging your tax return as a student? See here.

The cost-of-living crisis is hitting students hard. DUSA is here to help.

Struggling to pay for food, rent and other basic living costs? Want guidance with managing a limited income? Received a fine you can’t afford to pay? Can’t work out where all your money is going?

Whatever your concern, DUSA Financial Wellbeing can assess your unique financial situation and help you develop a plan.

DUSA Financial Wellbeing is a free, non-judgmental, confidential service provided to support and empower students experiencing financial difficulty.

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“I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for the support I have received. Everyone I spoke to was so friendly and I felt really safe and respected. I have never been in financial hardship before. I definitely had a fear of stigma but the whole process was very non-judgemental and helpful. Thank you.” Deakin student

What happens after I contact DUSA Financial Wellbeing?

Once we receive your enquiry, we’ll reach out to you via email. Depending on your situation we may be able to assist by email or we may suggest an appointment to discuss your financial situation further.

How can DUSA Financial Wellbeing help?

Here’s the finer print. We can:

  • Help you assess your financial situation including income and expenses, as well as any assets and/or liabilities, to fully understand your financial position
  • Provide resources and information which may help improve your financial situation
  • Discuss options if you’re struggling to pay for essential living expenses, debts, or fines
  • Provide advice of available financial grants and emergency support
  • Assist you to create a budget and put a plan in place, so you can feel confident in managing your money
  • Help you navigate Centrelink and understand your entitlements as a student (domestic students only)
  • Provide advice on how to negotiate with your creditors or any other organisation or business you owe money to
  • Refer you to other university services as needed including the Deakin Student Legal Service, Counselling, International Student Support, and others
  • Refer you to additional services external to the university – there is a lot of help available, but it can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look!
What we can’t do:

Provide advice on specific investments. We are not Financial Advisors.


Financial Resources for Deakin Students

Feeling overwhelmed by your financial situation?

We’ve got your back! You have options and there are steps you can take yourself, but if you need more guidance or you get stuck, we are here to help.

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