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Represent Deakin University in your sport

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The Deakin Dragons are our representative sporting team at Deakin

The Deakin Dragons compete on a national stage at UniSport Australia events. The UniSport Nationals are comprised of the flagship multi-sport event and a number of standalone championships that are held throughout the year.

CLICK HERE for the UniSport Nationals 2022 Event Calendar.

Click on the SELECTED SPORTS below to REGISTER YOUR INTEREST in representing the Deakin Dragons in 2022. The information you submit will be sent to the Sport Team Manager who will be conducting trials and will be your first point of contact.

Sport trials for Deakin Dragon teams will be held in Trimester One between MONDAY 14TH MARCH and FRIDAY 8TH APRIL.

Please note that only those selected sports listed below are currently being considered for UniSport Nationals representation in 2022. This list may be subject to change as the year progresses.

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