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Simar Bedi

Vice President - Welfare

Hi my name is Simar Bedi

Namaste! My name is Simar Bedi, I am your Vice President Welfare for 2023. I am an international student from India studying Bachelors of Sports Management and Marketing at Burwood campus.

Since Joining Deakin in 2020, I always wanted to get more engaged in on campus activities, events and connect with more and more students but the pandemic made that difficult and past two years, most of us spended our time at home completing courses online, which, believe me, is not fun.

This year has been great and post pandemic, I got the opportunity to rebuild the Indian club with my team of legends, since the beginning, we have been actively supporting both international and domestic Indian students by organising lots of on and off campus events. I am currently the President of the Indian Club, this postion provided me an amazing experience and lots of friends.

My goal for next year in Dusa is to make sure that student voices are heard, their concerns are taken seriously and their issues are addressed properly, Advocacy would be my top priority along with organising plenty of free food events throughtout the year.
Please get in touch with me if you need anything and come and say hey if you see me on campus.

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