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At Deakin Visual Art Society (DVAS), we provide a platform for emerging artists of all disciplines to network, collaborate, experiment and promote their artistic endeavours. We want to create a community at Deakin where like-minded individuals can get together, get creative, and make friends! We have core members from visual arts, photography, animation, and visual communication and design. However, please note that we welcome anyone with an interest in visual arts, at any skill level, and studying any discipline. The opportunities we provide for members to get involved with involve balancing fun social activities with events aimed at improving artistic skills and facilitating professional experience: life drawing, professional networking, competitions, collaboration with other clubs, studio tours, guest speakers, art/design/photography workshops, weekly hangouts, gallery excursions, and more. To find out more, visit our social media where we constantly have updates about events or feel free to email us with questions.

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