DUSA OFest March 1st to 19th

DUSA x Deakin Voice Online Trivia - 70s/80s/90s Music Trivia

  • Monday March 1st, 2021
  • 6:00 PM  - 7:00 PM

DUSA members:

  • All Members: $0.00
  • Non Member: $0.00



Join in for an opportunity to meet new students before uni starts, socialise with other peers and have some fun at our dedicated online trivia night with a 70s/80s/90s music trivia theme! Hosted by DUSA and Deakin Voice.

Become a member of your student association and you’ll get awesome merch PLUS discounts on your OFest tickets.

Female student standing outside wearing a DUSA Hoodie and carrying a DUSA backpack
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