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You Can Ask That Series: Sex and the Law (Consent)

  • Tuesday September 20th, 2022
  • 2:00 PM  - 3:00 PM


Join us for a real-talk webinar about all things sex and sexual health.

'You can ask that: An open conversation on sex and sexual health’ is a two-part series that aims to break down the barriers we face when discussing our experiences of sexual health and wellbeing.

Session 2: Sex and the Law (Consent)

A lot of us understand the definition of 'consent' as a theory, but how does this play out in practice? Is it legal to send and receive nudes? Do you have to delete them when your intimate relationship ends? Can you take part in consensual sex if one or either party is under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

In this session, we will discuss these nuances of consent and the moral and ethical dilemmas that come with sexual relationships. There's a lot to unpack here!

With special guests from Elephant Ed and Deakin Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Dr. Bianca Klettke.

This webinar will be conducted via Zoom.

All DUSA events are LGBTQIA+ friendly.

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