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OFest logo saying DUSA's OFEST 2022 - 23 Feb - 22 March, a little bus illustration on the bottom left, a lemonade drink illustration on the top left, burger illustration top right and a market stall on the bottom right. Aboriginal, Torres Stait Islanders and Pride flag on the bottom. All elements illustrated in a colourful & happy style
A group of young adults celebrating, all wearing glitter make up

T1 OFest

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OFest is where you will meet friends for life and get to know Deakin, and more importantly, get to know DUSA!

Dont forget to head to our SnapBar to take your DUSA OFest snaps. There are lots of fun frames and stickers to choose from. Get snapping !



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Female student standing outside wearing a DUSA Hoodie and carrying a DUSA backpack
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