Infringement notice from police

Infringement Fines

Fines are an unexpected expense and if you’re a student on a low income, they can often be difficult to pay. Fortunately, there are options to explore for addressing your fines. The most important thing is to take action – and not ignore your fine(s).

Struggling to pay a fine? You have options.

This information is provided by DUSA Financial Wellbeing. Visit the DUSA Financial Wellbeing webpage for more information about this service.

This page provides information and options for Deakin students who have received an infringement notice (a fine) that they are struggling to pay.

An ‘Infringement Notice’ fine is issued for breaking minor laws such as road rules (eg. speeding), local council rules (eg. parking where you can’t park), or public transport rules (eg. not having a valid ticket). You can receive the infringement notice face to face, under your windscreen, or in the mail.

You have 21 days in the state of Victoria to make the payment after receiving the infringement notice. If you do not pay within the 21 days of receiving the fine, the matter becomes more serious and additional fees or costs may be added. See Fines Victoria for infringement fine stages.

Fines are different to other debts as they are penalties imposed by the government for breaking the law. The consequences of not paying them can be serious, like the loss of your drivers’ licence or even being arrested. There are options available to address your fines, and free legal and financial guidance is available for Deakin students.

It is important to not ignore your fine and take action quickly.

If you have received an infringement notice that you think you should not have to pay, you can make a free appointment with the Deakin Student Legal Service (DSLS) to review your options.

Steps to take if you are struggling to pay your fine debt as a Deakin student

1. Work out what you can afford

Work out what you can afford by doing a budget.

If you can afford to pay something, you can request to pay in instalments on the Fines Victoria website.

If you can’t afford to pay anything and/or are experiencing financial hardship, consider the Work and Development Permit scheme through DUSA. See below.

2. Consider the Work and Development Permit (WDP) scheme

  • The Work and Development Permit (WDP) scheme (run by Fines Victoria) is a non-financial way for eligible people to “work off” fine debt by completing certain activities, with the support of a sponsor organisation. DUSA is an accredited WDP sponsor through Fines Victoria.
  • You may be eligible for a WDP if you are affected by acute financial hardship; a mental or intellectual disability, disorder or illness; an addiction to drugs, alcohol or a volatile substance; homelessness; or family violence.
  • With DUSA, the activities you can undertake as part of a WDP include: volunteering/unpaid work as DUSA Crew; undertaking a short course with DUSA; studying on-campus with Deakin University, and treatment given by a psychologist or social worker with the Deakin Counselling Service.
  • DUSA can apply for the Work and Development Permit on behalf of eligible Deakin students with their consent. Once registered for the WDP, you have to complete approved activities each month and report on your completed WDP activities to DUSA at the end of each month. DUSA will then confirm your activities and report the hours/days you have spent engaged in your activity to the WDP Team, which reduces your fine debt.
  • If you are experiencing financial hardship and want to register for a WDP, contact DUSA Financial Wellbeing who will discuss the requirements of the program with you, assess your eligibility for the WDP and apply on your behalf. Evidence of financial hardship will need to be supplied such as a Centrelink statement, bank statements, or ATO income assessment.
  • If you do not meet the financial hardship eligibility criteria for the WDP, but think you meet other criteria, it is recommended that you make a free appointment with the Deakin Student Legal Service to review your personal circumstances as you may have additional options, which may be more suitable.

There are some circumstances in which a fine is excluded from a WDP, including if:

  • a person has been served a 7-Day Notice in relation to the fine and the 7-Day Notice period had expired
  • you have been arrested in relation to the fine
  • property has been seized in relation to the fine, or
  • the fine is a court fine.

Have questions about the WDP? Contact DUSA Financial Wellbeing


Feeling overwhelmed by your financial situation?

We’ve got your back! You have options and there are steps you can take yourself, but if you need more guidance or get stuck, DUSA Financial Wellbeing are here to help.

Infringement notice from police
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