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DUSA & Deakin University Community Bank Scholarships

Since 2013, DUSA has provided an annual scholarship to students experiencing financial hardship coupled with social or geographic disadvantage. Recipients of the scholarship were able to obtain resources and technology required for students to improve their performance and become connected and engaged with activities at Deakin.

This year, the DUSA Scholarship was funded by a grant from the Deakin University Community Bank - Community Strengthening Fund. The Scholarship has provided 11 Deakin students with a DUSA Gold Membership, a Laptop, Travel Assistance, and funds to purchase textbooks.

Learn more about Deakin University Community Bank via
Learn more about Deakin University Community Bank via

The Scholarship has helped many students be successful. Two of the recipients this year said:

“I was so happy and relieved to be a DUSA scholarship recipient. I am commencing the final year of my course as an honours year which will involve lots of screen time. I have been using a very old and tired laptop which requires being constantly on charge and has random meltdowns freezing and refusing to start. In addition, this year I will be completing a 500-hour placement where the fuel card and financial contribution will make a significant positive difference easing some pressure. And best part of all I finally get to do it all in fashion rocking a DUSA hoodie! Thankyou DUSA and University Community Bank for supporting this single mum in her pursuit of an education and better future for all” - name withheld

“This scholarship will have an enormous impact on my life, in academic, professional and personal contexts. The money from this scholarship has enabled me to purchase my textbooks and have much needed repairs done to my car. This has alleviated many of the stressors from my life and created a sense of certainty to pursue part time work in mental health support while I study towards my goal of being a Psychologist. The laptop has also reduced uncertainty by replacing an unreliable PC that frequently broke in the crucial time of late last semester. I deeply appreciate the support I have received from DUSA and would like to thank you all for this wonderful opportunity” – Connor

Read all student testimonials here.

The DUSA Scholarship is open from September to early January. If you are experiencing financial hardship, DUSA has many programs that can assist. To find out more, please visit this page.


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