International University Sport Day

International University Sport Day

September 20 marks the International Day of University Sport. As the world experiences a dramatic change in the way we live due to COVID, never before has it been more evident that exercise, sport and social interaction are a vital ingredient in the lives of students. DUSA chats with some Deakin students about how sport has impacted their lives and their university experience.

International University Sport Day
Jannat Kaur, Mariss Rispoli and Aditya Ghule

Jannat Kaur - Tennis

I have always been keen into sports. While looking for sports clubs I found out about the Deakin tennis club. It has been the most amazing club. I’ve met new people, made family-like friends, and had challenging experiences. I feel so lucky to be part of Deakin Tennis Club and proud to represent Deakin at the Nationals. My favourite sporting experience has been University Nationals 2019 in Queensland. It was a great experience. I met many professional tennis players and got to see many more amazing sporting events. I met so many new people and had great experiences. Even though being a full-time student is stressful, having weekly intervarsity matches has made my life at Deakin very enjoyable. I get to see my tennis buddies and playing matches against different teams not only helped me with improving my tennis, skills but also improved my academic performance.

Mariss Rispoli – Football/Futsal

When I first started at Deakin, I joined the Deakin Lions outdoor soccer team and I have continued to play in FFV state league. My teammates introduced me to Futsal which I now play in community leagues. I have participated in many community tournaments as well as Deakin’s Soccer/Futsal tournament at the Geelong campus. In 2018 and 2019 I played Futsal at the Unisport Nationals Div 2 event and have now taken up the role of Women’s Futsal Team Manager.

My favourite sporting experience would have to be the Unisport Nationals tournament. This was a very enjoyable experience as I am passionate about futsal, and it was great to have the opportunity to play in a high-level and fun tournament. Being involved in Deakin and community sports is such an important aspect of my life. I have met so many amazing people through sport and have come to realise that soccer and futsal are integral for my study routine. It has been a struggle to get motivated to study without being able to play soccer. Having sport as a hobby compliments my work and study schedule as it employs social, fun, skill development and good exercise all in one activity and is good to relieve stress.

Aditya Ghule - Football

I came to Deakin in 2019 and got involved in sports straight away; from playing table tennis, basketball for fun with some mates to playing soccer competitively with the Deakin Ducks. I’ve also had the opportunity to be a Sports Ambassador which helped me make fellow students aware of the plethora of sporting options available at Deakin during the O’week and Come & Try sessions. I’ve now been appointed as the Team Manager for our Men’s soccer team.

The Deakin Ducks culture is unlike any I’ve ever experienced. Every single Duck is super friendly, welcoming and the club caters every skill level. There are even players who hadn’t kicked a soccer ball in their life before joining the Ducks who now absolutely love the club. The club provides social opportunities such as bus trips, karaoke nights, and team dinners. I don’t see the Ducks as a club, but rather as a tight-knit family. Our President, Jordan Engstrom and Coaches Colin, Sam, Nick, Jhai, Tom M, Tom K and Rob all volunteer their time and are just astonishing, to say the least.

I believe sport has helped me get better at studies by helping me manage time more efficiently. I used to go for a run 2 hours before my exams which would help me clear my thinking and reduce stress. I’m far from home and, given the COVID situation, I see no way home soon. Being involved in sport has helped in growing my network and make new friends, who I know I can reach out to any time.

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