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OFest logo saying DUSA's OFEST 2022 - 23 Feb - 22 March, a little bus illustration on the bottom left, a lemonade drink illustration on the top left, burger illustration top right and a market stall on the bottom right. Aboriginal, Torres Stait Islanders and Pride flag on the bottom. All elements illustrated in a colourful & happy style

DUSA OFest T1 2022

And just like that our T1 2022 OFest has come to an end!

With over 50 events, including Night Events, Clubs Showcases, Sport Sessions, Online Events, and On-Campus Events – there was something for everyone!

DUSA OFest T1 2022

Our DUSA Market Days in Burwood and Geelong and at our Big Picnic in Warrnambool were super fun - with live music, free food, and plenty of giveaways!
Congratulations to the lucky winners of our numerous comps during OFest as well - from food hampers to skydives - there really was quite the variety of prizes for OFest.

As we love to run competitions at DUSA, always make sure you keep your eyes on our competitions page and don't miss out on any partnership discounts.

T1 2022 OFest

We had DUSA Club Showcases on all campuses, plus our new events Clubs on the Deck & Clubs on the Green events, online events - including Mindfulness & Yoga and various Social Chats, not to forget our in-person Come & Try Sport sessions, including Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, and many other sports -
with more sessions coming up throughout the year! Missed out on the Club events but interested to see what's currently on offer? Check out our list of DUSA Clubs here.

T1 2022 OFest

Our DUSA Night Events, including Jungle Party, Glitter Party, Beach Music Sesh, Slow Party, and the Mystery Bus Tour (Geelong and Warrnambool) were super popular and sold out quickly. How good is it to be able to go out again - and the Mystery Bus Tour outfits were amazing!
Jump on our Facebook page to see more photos.

T1 2022 OFest Parties

It was so good to welcome you all on campus - and we are looking forward to seeing you at PRIDE WEEK starting on 4 April!

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