Illustration of a young woman in purple pants, a white shirt with purple hair in a cross-legged yoga pose, holding her hands together. She is surrounded by plant illustrations in green and blue. The headline says 'Wellness Week - relax & replenish".
Girl with pink hair practising yoga on black yoga mat at home with green indoor plant in the background
Cooking around the world competition illustration showing two people, male and female, dancing on a globe

Wellness Week Wrap-Up

After a fun and eventful Wellness Week, it has officially come to an end. Although this Wellness Week was slightly different, with everything happening online, it was still exciting and packed with heaps of activities, giveaways, competitions, and tips to look after yourself. As always, Wellness Week was about inducing a little bit of joy and spreading happiness, to promote well-being from the emotional down to the physical.

We had heaps of different sessions run by Deakin Active to help with your physical wellness, including challenges, workshops, daily meditation, yoga, pilates, HIIT, core, and even office exercises! There really was something for everyone.

The Lockdown Wellness Photo comp and Cooking Around the World competitions were super exciting and everyone’s entries were amazing! We also were impressed with our DeakinMOVES entries! Congratulations to all of our winners!

Lockdown Wellness Photo Competition
Nicolaas Domanski
Cooking Around the World Competition

- Most Innovative Dish: Vegetarian broccoli rice served with marinated sizzling scotch fillet steak by Stacey Richardson,
- Most Aesthetic Dish: Hazelnut Brownies with Chocolate Dome by Molly Mckenzie,
- Most Nutritious Dish: Broccoli and Pea Fritters by Kathya Frenando
DeakinMOVES Competition
Cazz Clarke (who completed an amazing 26,066 moves for the week!)

Also, congratulations to the winners of our Altina Drinks Sober Pack
Morgan Hughes and Mehzamah Tumbi
and the Flora & Fauna Wellness Care Pack winner
Lillian Maher
and to all recipients of our Virtual Food Pantry vouchers!

The Drag Queen Bingo, Mocktail Workshop, and Deakin Voice concert were all super fun, entertaining, and uplifting, and our Joyfulness Workshop, Paint Workshop, and Crafternoon made us feel super relaxed.

Hopefully, our daily blogs and mental health tips have been helpful this Wellness Week and have helped you feel at ease with all aspects of your overall health.

We’re looking forward to our next one!

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