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Paul Ting

Burwood Campus Coordinator

Hi my name is Paul Ting

Hi everyone!

Most people tend to remember me by my last name 'Ting', but you can call me Paul. I'm really excited to be your Burwood Campus Coordinator in 2023 and would love to tell you a bit about who I am and what I'm about.

People who know me know that I'm a genuine, upbeat and inquisitive individual who likes to ask questions and really cares about what I do. In my free time I enjoy going outdoors, visiting new places, camping and listening to some banging tunes. I think the best part of life are the small niceties; sipping a delicious bubble tea; connecting with people on a deeper level and talking philosophy.

I joined Deakin in 2022, studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Laws and have since involved myself on campus, joining clubs and attending countless events. In 2023, beyond being Campus Coordinator, I am also directly involved with various clubs through my role as Activities Director of Deakin's Enviro Club and Secretary at Deakin Table Tennis Club. Prior to university, I involved myself in student leadership, being elected School Captain where I focussed on student engagement, experience and advocacy. Here, I was also awarded the Council's Award for Environmental Sustainability for my work in promoting environmentalism through community and stakeholder engagement. If you wanted any better example of someone who peaked in High School, look no further than me.

I think the best thing that makes university a truly unique experience is campus life. There is so much more to uni than classes. I know personally, the clubs and events at Burwood have really enhanced my university experience. They have provided me with great memories, great friends and great vibes and this could not have been possible without DUSA. Over the next year, I want to contribute to a bustling and lively campus and ensure all of you have an amazing experience.

I am always down for a chat so I am looking forward to meeting you. Feel free to say hi to me on campus!

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