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The Student Advocacy and Support Service (SASS) Team

DUSA is an independent organisation and the DUSA Student Advocacy and Support Service (SASS) is the sole provider of direct advocacy services for Deakin students.

Find out more about DUSA's Student Advocacy and Support Service (SASS) Team!

Deakin recognises the importance of student advocacy and student welfare services and funds these via Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF). Deakin University Student Association (DUSA) is an independent organisation and the DUSA Student Advocacy and Support Service (SASS) is the sole provider of direct advocacy services for Deakin students.

DUSA’s SASS team is a group of passionate individuals who are committed to student wellbeing, supporting academic progress and the student experience. We are approachable, responsive and accountable and seek to develop and maintain positive relationships. Our service is confidential and free for all Deakin students. We put students at the centre and work together with you to discuss possible courses of action to address your situation.

Our professional backgrounds are varied and include experience in crisis support, homelessness, education and community development. Our qualifications are primarily in social work, youth work and psychology. Our experience is diverse and extensive when it comes to processes related to all students currently undertaking study at Deakin. We utilise individual supervision and peer support to enhance student outcomes. We undertake research on issues impacting students, provide feedback on policies and procedures and look for opportunities to influence systemic change. As a team we strive for continuous improvement and are committed to evaluation.

We utilise a cross-campus service model which has been implemented to support all students, regardless of the location of the student and the location of the Advocate. The model ensures a timely response to an enquiry which may include phone, email, or video conferencing, as well as face to face consultations.

We are always looking for ways to increase student engagement, connectedness and participation. We provide a welfare service and readily provide students access to transport assistance, food and hygiene items. Our qualified Financial Counsellor promotes financial awareness and empowers students to get their personal finances in order. University-wide we look to educate and engage through creative activations and social media messaging.

Please feel free to say hi if you see us grabbing a coffee on campus. If you’d like to show us a meme or picture of your pet, it will always be welcome. :)

Here is some feedback from students who have received support from the SASS Team. If you would like free and confidential support, you can contact us here.
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“Deakin’s Student Advocacy and Support Service really help students to not feel alone. I have had such a good experience with this service, and I highly recommend this to other Deakin students.”
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“Very thankful and grateful to my DUSA Advocate for immense support, guidance and assistance. I do not know what I would have done without my DUSA Advocate. Very happy with DUSA support services.”
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“I contacted the Financial Counsellor because I have felt overwhelmed about my situation. She gave me some advice which I followed, such as phoning my bank for details on an account and advised me on ways to get organised and keep track of expenses in order to start a budget. I was nervous, but she spoke to me in a supportive and kind way. I feel now like my situation is manageable and I have a plan.”

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