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Written submission template: Academic integrity breach

If you have received an academic integrity breach allegation from Deakin University and would like assistance with your written response, DUSA Advocates can help.

Please ensure you have read our Academic Integrity Breaches webpage prior to writing your written submission.

Written submission template - for Standard Outcomes (requesting a review of the standard outcome)

Academic Integrity Committee
Faculty of [insert your faculty]
Deakin University
[insert date]

Dear Academic Integrity Committee members,

Re: Request for review of proposed standard outcome

I, [insert your name], am studying a [insert qualification name] at Deakin University. In the [type of assessment piece] for [insert unit code], I received an allegation of a breach of academic integrity. I do not accept the proposed standard outcome and I would like to request a review.

I admit to the alleged breach and would like to explain my mitigating circumstances that led to the breach.

I do not admit to the alleged breach and would like to provide information to show [I have not breached academic integrity standards OR the proposed standard outcome is not applicable in my situation].

If you admit the allegation, explain to the Committee the mitigating circumstances that led to the breach:

  • Provide details explaining what happened.
  • Describe the personal circumstances that you were experiencing at the time of the breach.
  • Describe the way in which these circumstances were exceptional and outside your control.
  • Describe how the circumstances impaired your decision-making abilities.
  • Describe what you have done to address the issue. Include details of any services or resources that you have accessed to ensure that this situation does not occur again, e.g. health professional, Deakin study support.
  • Write a brief statement of apology and request that the Committee consider applying a mitigating circumstances outcome instead of a standard outcome.
  • Attach supporting documentation to verify your personal circumstances.

If you do not admit to the alleged breach, explain why the allegation is not true:

  • Provide details explaining what happened.
  • Clarify why you disagree with the allegation including your understanding of the University’s academic integrity standards.
  • Attach supporting documentation/evidence to show you did not breach academic integrity (or to show you did not breach academic integrity in the way described in the allegation).

Yours sincerely,

Student Name
Student ID
Mailing Address

Provide copies of any documents you think are relevant to your case.

Advocates can review your draft written response and supporting documentation and provide you with confidential feedback before you finalise it and submit it to the Academic Integrity Committee. Please allow as much time as possible prior to submission date for feedback to be provided. Please contact us to arrange a free appointment.

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“My DUSA Advocate was incredibly kind and assisted with feedback on my written submission letter, as well at contributing to the hearing process.”
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