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Final unit to complete

After results are released at the end of a study period, you may be eligible to apply for Final Unit to Complete (depending on your grade) if you have one credit point remaining to finalise your degree. Contact us today to arrange a free appointment.

Are you looking at applying for Final Unit to Complete? We're here to help.

Please note: A new Deakin University Assessment (Higher Education Courses) Procedure will be introduced in 2023. The new Procedure is effective for study periods commencing on or after 9 January 2023. You can access the new Procedure here. You can access the Historic Versions of the Procedure here. If you are unsure which process and information is right for you, please contact us and we will provide further information and advice.

To access Deakin's Final Unit to Complete webpage, which contains information about eligibility and how to apply, please click here.
You may be eligible to apply for either a Pass Conceded or Supplementary Assessment if you have one credit point remaining to finalise your degree (and meet the eligibility).
  • If you are one credit point short of completing your Deakin course, you may be eligible for a Pass Conceded grade or to complete a Supplementary Assessment (a supplementary exam or another assessment item such as an assignment) for your final unit.
  • The Final Unit to Complete processes fall under the Assessment (Higher Education Courses) Procedure (clauses 60-66).
  • There are different eligibility criteria for Pass Conceded and Supplementary Assessment applications. Carefully consult the criteria provided on the Deakin Final Unit to Complete webpage to check your eligibility.
When can I apply for a Pass Conceded or Supplementary Assessment?
  • You can apply for either a Pass Conceded or Supplementary Assessment within 5 working days from the date of official notification of the results for a course.
How do I apply?
What are the possible outcomes?
  • If you are granted a Pass Conceded grade for the unit the result on your transcript will be changed to ‘PC’ with no mark value provided.
  • If you are granted a Supplementary Assessment, the maximum possible mark/grade you can receive for the unit is 50P (if you don’t achieve 50P then your mark for the unit will revert to the mark you received prior to your Supplementary Assessment application.)
  • If you are eligible for both, the Faculty Committee will usually award you a PC grade.
How can DUSA Advocates help?
  • DUSA Advocates can assist you to understand the Final Unit to Complete process, eligibility rules, and possible outcomes of your application.
  • During very busy periods at the end of each trimester after the release of results, DUSA Advocates run drop-in times for students to get help with the Final Unit to Complete process. Please contact us if you would like support regarding Final Unit to Complete.

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