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Review of results

Are you disappointed or confused by an assessment result/unit result that you have received and want to have it reviewed? Contact the DUSA Advocacy team for a free appointment to discuss a Review of Results application.

Looking at applying for a review of results? We're here to help.

Please note: A new Deakin University Assessment (Higher Education Courses) Procedure will be introduced in 2023. The new Procedure is effective for study periods commencing on or after 9 January 2023. You can access the new Procedure here. You can access the Historic Versions of the Procedure here. If you are unsure which process and information is right for you, please contact us and we will provide further information and advice.

Following the release of results at the end of Trimester, you may apply for a review of your result for a unit, including any assessment or part of the unit.

You can access the Deakin Review of results webpage here. This webpage contains information about the types of formal reviews and reasons for applying. The Faculty Committee will normally only approve an application for a review where the student provides evidence that their work was not marked in accordance with the marking criteria or that there was a misapplication of other relevant University policies or procedures. You can find out more information in the Assessment (Higher Education Courses) Procedure (see sections 77-85).

There are two types of review of results applications:

Administrative Review: This checks that all assignment and exam marks have been included and added up correctly to obtain your final mark.

Academic Review: If you believe your result is not fair, you will need to provide evidence that your work was not marked in accordance with the marking criteria or that there was a misapplication of other relevant University policies or procedures. However, simply thinking that you deserve a better mark is not grounds for review. It is important that students justify their reasons for review and also provide adequate evidence to support their application.

When can you apply for a review of results?

Applications for a Review of results must be made within 5 working days after the release of official results, unless you can show that exceptional circumstances beyond your control have prevented you from lodging your application in time. Prior to lodging an application for a review of results, it is helpful to discuss your grades with your Unit Chair.

How do you apply for a Review of results?

Applications must be submitted online to your faculty. Please find your Faculty application form here along with further information regarding the process.

How can a DUSA Advocate help?

DUSA Advocates provide confidential advice and support on a range of academic and personal matters, including a Review of Results applications. Your DUSA Advocate will work together with you to assess your situation and discuss possible courses of action.

For more information or to speak to a DUSA Advocate about your situation, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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“My DUSA Advocate was professional and empathetic and had a comprehensive knowledge of the policies and processes at Deakin. She was responsive to emails in a timely manner and walked me through the process and options in a way that made me feel informed to make my own decisions.”

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