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Review of results

What is review of results?

Deakin’s Assessment (Higher Education Courses) Procedure states:

77. Following the release of trimester results, students may apply to the Faculty Committee for a review of their overall result for a unit, Including assessment of any part of the unit, in accordance with Clause 4 of Regulation 5.3(1) Assessment and Academic Progress in Higher Education Award Courses.

78. The Faculty Committee will normally only approve an application for a review of results where the student provides evidence that their work was not marked in accordance with the marking criteria or that there was a misapplication of other relevant University policies or procedures.

When can you apply for a review of results?

Applications for a review of results must be made within 5 working days after the release of official results, unless the student can show the Faculty Committee that exceptional circumstances beyond their control have prevented them from lodging their application in time. Prior to lodging an application for a review of results, it is helpful for students to discuss their grades with their Unit Chair.

How do you apply?

Applications for a review of results is an online application process in each faculty. Refer to your faculty webpages for an application form.

Where can I get further assistance?

For more information or to speak to an Advocate about your situation, contact DUSA. Please note that we do experience very busy periods, particularly at the end of each trimester where we need to assist a large number of students. It is important that you book an appointment to speak with an Advocate as early as possible.

After I apply, what happens next?

80. The Faculty Committee considers each request for review in consultation with the Unit Chair and determines whether a review of a result is warranted.

81. Where an application is rejected, the Faculty Committee notifies the student of the outcome and explains the reason for the decision.

82. If the Faculty Committee determines that there will be a review of a result, the Committee will be responsible for:

  1. If necessary, appointing an independent marker to assess the student’s work, ensuing that, where practicable, a clean copy of the work is provided to the independent marker and the student’s name is withheld.
  2. Determining the final outcome through the process described for the re-marking and verification of fail grades in clause 38 c) to 38 f) approving a variation as required, or requiring the student to undertake supplementary assessment.
  3. Informing the student in writing of the outcome of the review, including the reasons for the decision, and updating the appropriate records.

83. In the case of group assessment tasks, all students’ results will be reviewed, and, where appropriate, student’s results will be reviewed individually.

84. If, in the process of reviewing a result, it is determined that a systematic error has occurred that has affected the results for multiple students in a unit, the Faculty Committee will take appropriate action to rectify this.

85. Where the Committee has reviewed the result the Committee’s decision is final.

(Please note that simply thinking that you deserve a better mark is not grounds for review.)

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