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University Fees

Studying at Deakin University as an international student can be hugely rewarding, but it doesn't come cheap. If you're struggling to pay your tuition fees, follow these steps.

Struggling to pay your tuition fees?
You have options.

Sometimes circumstances can change that affect your ability to pay your university fees. This page outlines the steps to take if you are experiencing financial hardship and are an international student at Deakin University struggling to pay your university fees.

This information is provided by DUSA Financial Wellbeing. Visit the DUSA Financial Wellbeing webpage for more information about this service.

Steps to take if you are an international student struggling to pay tuition fees

1. Work out what you can afford

Work out what you can afford by doing a budget.

2. Contact Deakin Fees / Student Finance

  • Aim to pay as much as possible by the due date.
  • If you are unable to pay the total amount by the due date, contact the Fees Team via Student Central before the due date and request an extension to pay.
  • When you contact the Fees Team to request a payment extension, give them information about why you cannot pay by the deadline, and indicate the date that you intend to pay your fees in full. Provide any relevant documentation.
  • Please be aware, Deakin Fees do not offer formal payment arrangements/payments by instalments.
  • If you don’t hear back regarding your request, or if you are denied an extension and you would like DUSA Financial Wellbeing to follow up, please contact us. Provide all copies of correspondence, including the date(s) that you have made contact with the Fees Team.

3. Contact an International Student Support Officer to discuss your options.

  • Other options to consider include applying to intermit (temporarily pausing) your studies for a trimester to allow you to save money for fees, or alternatively you could reduce your current study load to minimise the fees owed.
    • PLEASE NOTE: While you cannot intermit due to financial reasons, financial hardship often impacts students’ mental health and intermitting on psychological grounds is permitted.
    • Intermitting your studies or reducing your study load may impact your student visa. You can discuss this with an International Student Support Officer and/or the Deakin Student Legal Service.
  • You need to consider your options before the relevant withdrawal dates for current international students.

Is this your final trimester at Deakin?
While it is unlikely that your enrolment will be cancelled during your final trimester, you will be unable to apply to graduate or receive final results until the fees are paid in full. Follow the steps above to contact Deakin Fees and let them know that you are in your final trimester to discuss your options.


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Additional Available Support

Additional supports are available for all Deakin students. Whilst not specifically fee related, these supports may be helpful if you are experiencing financial hardship in other areas.

Feeling overwhelmed by your financial situation?

We’ve got your back! You have options and there are steps you can take yourself, but if you need more guidance, DUSA Financial Wellbeing are here to help.

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