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Experience the best of uni with DUSA clubs

If one thing is certain about university, it’s that it’s a pretty diverse place. With hundreds and thousands of courses, it’s no surprise that the university is swarming with students from different walks of life. It can get quite overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to find a place for you and find people who get you. This is where DUSA’s clubs can help.

There’s a club out there for you

DUSA has over 100 active clubs run by students like you, so there’s no better place to start when you’re trying to connect with like-minded people. From academic, sport, to culture and religion, there are myriads of different kinds of clubs so you’re sure to find something that’s right for you. Whether you’re an on-campus, cloud or returning student, being involved in clubs will give you opportunities to take part in fun social activities and events all year round, as well as give you access to a supportive community that will offer you a space where you belong.

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What can I get out of it?

Enriching your uni experience is what clubs are here for. Be ready to meet new people, bond with others and forge long-lasting relationships over shared interests and passions.

The memories you’ll make will be unforgettable, and ones that you look back most fondly on. Not to mention, employers look for people who are involved and active in their communities. Being a part of clubs can be defining, and it can ultimately make you stand out on your resume by showing off your networking abilities to future employers.

Hear it first-hand from Aishwarya Chitnis, a club executive from Deakin Sustainable Food Movement:

“I joined Deakin Sustainable Food Movement in 2020 just when COVID Lockdown started. I felt so disappointed thinking that I wouldn’t be able to experience any club events or meet new people. Through it all, DSFM made my experience quite entertaining with many online events and catch-ups. It became a safe space for me, to chat and get to know more people. I developed a new hobby and most of all made new friends. Honestly it helped me come out of my shell and encouraged me to take a leadership position in the club (which has been nowhere on my mind). It’s an amazing experience to be involved in running a club. You learn so many soft skills like event planning, managing time and people, particularly networking with other amazing clubs and their executives!”

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Whether it’s trying something new or continue pursuing your interests—whichever it may be, joining clubs will let you do that and more. Make sure you also join DUSA and get discounted pricing when joining DUSA’s clubs, as well as other member benefits to help you have a fulfilling uni adventure.
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If you’ve missed out on the Clubs Showcase last week, it’s not too late to explore all the clubs we have available.
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