Written Submission Template: Failed Placement

If you have been notified of a failed placement and would like support with your written submission, please contact our Advocacy team for a free appointment.

Here is a written submission template for a responding to notice of a failed placement. Please feel free to use this template to write your written submission. Please ensure you have read our Failed Placement webpage prior to writing your written submission.

The Secretary
The Faculty Academic Progress Committee

Faculty of
(insert your faculty)
Deakin University

(insert the address of your campus)
(insert date)

Dear Academic Progress Committee Members,

Re: failed placement/clinical fail

I, (insert name), am a (insert your year level) year student at Deakin University (insert campus), studying (insert qualification name). I received notification on (insert date) that I have failed my placement for unit (insert unit code) due to (not meeting placement requirements or the expected standard of performance) and would like to explain the circumstances leading to my placement fail and strategies I will be implementing in future.

Include brief information about your academic history, and the effect this placement fail has had upon you.

1. Circumstances that have affected your placement performance.

  • You need to explain to the committee what has been happening in your life which has impacted on your placement that led to the failure.
  • Provide details of the circumstances/problems that have affected your success such as personal, financial, medical or emotional issues.
  • You should also discuss any weaknesses in clinical/placement skills which led to your unsatisfactory performance.

2. Actions you’ve taken/plan to take.

  • Provide details about the actions you have taken or plan to take to address these problems/ issues, what assistance you have sought from University services (seeing a counsellor, a language and learning adviser, talking to your Unit Chair, or receiving medical treatment) or external providers.
  • If relevant, discuss changes in living arrangements, personal relationships and your employment commitments.
  • The aim is to address any issues impacting on your ability to be successful on your next placement. The Committee may also have additional suggestions/recommendations that you can implement moving forward.


  • Summarise the main points in a statement and show how the proactive steps you have taken will enable you to be successful in your future studies.
  • Thank the committee for their time in considering your case.

Yours sincerely,

Student Name
Student ID,
Mailing Address,
Provide copies of any documents you think are relevant to your case.

Advocates can review your letter and provide you with confidential feedback before you finalise it and submit it to the faculty committee (Please allow 1-2 business days prior to submission date for feedback to be provided.) Please contact us to arrange a free appointment.

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