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Failed Placement Support

Have you received notification of a placement fail? Our experienced Advocacy team are here to help.

If you have received an email informing you that you’ve a failed placement or had a clinical failure and need to attend a meeting with the faculty, you don’t need to go through this alone. We're here to help.

DUSA Advocates understand that there a range of circumstances that can impact on your placement. These circumstances may be related to health, wellbeing, finances, family, or academic issues. You might also have experienced some challenges or communication issues with the staff/mentors on your placement that impacted on your performance.

*Processes can vary between Faculties and Courses; however, you will receive notice of your placement fail in writing.

In your letter or correspondence, you will be advised to respond in writing or attend a meeting or both to discuss your placement. Your letter will advise that you will need to attempt the placement or unit in full again. If the unit must be attempted again, you will likely receive a condition on this unit that you must pass your next attempt. Failure to meet this condition may result in you receiving a Proposal to Exclude. You can refer to the Student Placement Procedure for more information. In extenuating circumstances, students may be provided with an alternative placement, however students will still need to discuss the placement with relevant staff.

The reasons for the placement fail will be included in the documentation sent to you. The faculty will want you to reflect on the circumstances that impacted on your placement and develop strategies that can be implemented on your next attempt.

If you have received a failed placement letter, an Advocate can:

  • Assist you to understand your letter and any other placement documents provided.
  • Provide advice about services that are relevant to your personal/individual circumstances so you can access support if you want to.
  • Assist you to work out what information and supporting documents to include in your written submission.
  • Review your draft written submission. You can access our Failed Placement Meeting Response Template here and an Advocate can provide you with suggestions about how to strengthen it.
  • Assist you to prepare for your Meeting with the Faculty.
  • Accompany you to the Meeting as your support person.

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