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Progress Support Panels (PSPs) for HDR students

If you have received notification from your Faculty that a PSP meeting has been scheduled, please contact the DUSA Student Advocacy and Support Service for free and confidential advice and support around this process.

Have you been asked to attend a PSP meeting? We're here to help.

PSPs are part of Deakin University’s process for supporting HDR candidates who are ‘not making satisfactory progress’ in their research studies and who are at risk of not completing their degree within the prescribed time limit.

A PSP will be put in place if recommended by your supervision team or a senior staff in the school or faculty. PSP’s can in some instances be requested by a student. The support panel process is designed to provide you with extra support and guidance so you can progress with your research studies. Further details regarding the PSP process can be found via the Higher Degrees by Research Progress Procedure.

How can DUSA advocates help me?
  • DUSA Advocates are professional, experienced staff who provide free, independent and confidential support regarding academic and personal matters to all Deakin students.
  • An Advocate can assist you to understand the PSP process, assess your situation, and provide you with support throughout the process.
  • An Advocate can assist you in face-to-face appointments, by phone, video and via email.
  • An Advocate can accompany you to your PSP meetings as your support person.
  • Advocates can also provide you with referrals to support services both within Deakin University and externally.
  • Contact us today to arrange a free appointment.

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