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Written submission template: Proposal to Terminate Candidature

If you have received notification from your Faculty that the University is proposing to terminate your candidature and would like support with your written submission, please contact DUSA Advocacy for support.

If you have received a Proposal to Terminate Candidature letter and would like support with your written submission, we’re here to help.

Here is a written submission template for responding to a Proposal to Terminate Candidature. Please feel free to use this template to write your written submission. Please ensure you have read our Proposal to Terminate Candidature page. Please contact us if you would like support form an Advocate.

Written Submission Template

HDR Academic Progress Committee
(insert your faculty)
Deakin University

(insert date)

Dear Committee Members,

RE: Response to Termination from Candidature Proposal

I, (insert name), wish to apply for a review against the proposed Termination from Candidature pursuant to Deakin University Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) Academic Progress Procedure (Clauses 36-42).

Brief Introduction

  • Provide some information about yourself, such as the research you are undertaking, how many years you have been at Deakin, and outline when you’re Progress Support process commenced and what the initial concerns were.
  • You may also like to include some information about how receiving the letter has affected you. This should be kept brief.

State the grounds for your review

1. Identify the issue

  • You need to address the concerns raised through the Progress Support Panels and/or concerns raised through the confirmation process. Carefully review the Progress Support Panel reports or confirmation feedback and provide some context as to what the ongoing concerns have been. If there were any gaps in the support received from your supervisors /the university address these also.
  • If relevant you need to explain what has been happening in your life which has impacted on your study that led to the Proposal to Terminate. Provide details of the circumstances/problems that have affected your academic progress such as personal, financial, medical or emotional issues, if applicable. If relevant you could also discuss any weaknesses in academic skills which has contributed to your unsatisfactory performance.

2. Resolution of the issue

  • It is important to provide resolutions for the concerns outlined in your Progress Support Panel reports specifically how you will address these concerns.
  • Provide details about the actions you have taken or plan to take to address these problems/ issues, what assistance you have sought from University services (seeing a counsellor, an academic skills adviser, or receiving medical treatment) or external providers.
  • If relevant, discuss changes in living arrangements, personal relationships and your employment commitments. The aim is to convince the panel that you are in a better position to successfully complete your studies. It is extremely important to provide evidence of your efforts to improve your situation.

3. Plan for your future success

  • Demonstrate to the panel what plans you have in place to ensure your academic success. This should also include a realistic plan with dates of when each chapter or part of your research will be completed, also include the proposed submission date.
  • Address each of your identified problem areas individually and provide solutions to ensure that they will not impede on your future studies.


  • Summarise the main points in a statement and show how the proactive steps you have taken will enable you to be successful in your future studies. Thank the panel for their time in considering your case.

Yours sincerely

Student Name

Student ID,
Mailing Address,

Provide copies of any documents you think are relevant to your case.

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