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Re-admission after exclusion

What is re-admission after exclusion?

  • Students who have been excluded from their course for academic reasons may be eligible to apply for Re-admission after exclusion at a certain point in their period of exclusion. Students are not automatically granted a place in their course once their exclusion period ends. (Note: Re-admission after exclusion is a different process to re-admission after discontinuation for reasons other than exclusion.)

When do I need to apply for re-admission to my course after exclusion?

  • The application deadline will be included in the outcome letter you received from your faculty confirming your exclusion from your course. Please read this outcome letter carefully. Alternatively, contact your faculty or consult your faculty’s webpages to determine when you need to apply.
  • The application date varies depending on your faculty and when you were excluded from your course. Generally, students need to apply months prior to their proposed re-admission.

What information should I include in my re-admission after exclusion application?

You will need to provide details of:

  • The steps you have taken during your period of exclusion to address the circumstances or issues that contributed to your previous unsatisfactory progress, e.g. counselling sessions; completion of short courses to develop your skills in certain areas; language classes.
  • The strategies and supports you now have in place to ensure you will be academically successful if your faculty allows you to be re-admitted.
  • A realistic study plan outlining the units you propose to take in your first trimesters back after exclusion. To determine this you need to contact a Deakin Student Adviser and develop a course map/plan. Some faculties require you to do a maximum of 2 credit points in the first trimester back after exclusion. Check with your faculty if unsure.

What supporting documentation should I attach with my application?

You need to attach documents that provide evidence that you have addressed the issues that contributed to your exclusion and you are now able to successfully complete your course. Some faculties may require you to submit certified copies of documents. Examples of supporting documentation include:

  • Your updated course map/plan (created by a Deakin Student Advisor).
  • Transcripts of subjects or courses you undertook at other educational institutions during your period of exclusion
  • Letter of support from a counsellor or doctor
  • Letter of support from an employer about the work (either paid or voluntary work) you have completed during your period of exclusion and the skills and qualities you have demonstrated and developed (e.g. punctuality, responsibility)
  • Copies of email correspondence with the unit chairs of units you have previously failed and need to take again (i.e. to show you have sought feedback and how you are incorporating this in your plan for future academic success).

How can DUSA advocates help me?

  • DUSA Advocates can assist you to understand the process of applying for Re-admission After Exclusion, the information and supporting documentation you could provide in your application, and the possible outcomes of your application.
  • An Advocate can review your draft application and supporting documentation and provide feedback.
  • An Advocate can provide you with information about other university processes that may be helpful to you.
  • They can also provide you with referrals to support services both within Deakin University and externally.

To make a free, confidential appointment with a DUSA Advocate, visit your DUSA office or contact us.

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