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Research integrity breaches

Breaching research integrity can result in receiving an allegation letter from the University. The DUSA Student Advocacy and Support Service offer free confidential advice and support in regards to this process.

If you have received a research integrity allegation, our experienced Advocacy team are here to help.

Research Integrity Allegations include research code and serious research code breaches by students conducting research in Honours, coursework or higher degrees by research (HDR).

Further information regarding Research Integrity Allegations can be found through the Research Integrity Breaches procedure.

How can DUSA advocates help me?
  • DUSA Advocates are professional, experienced staff who provide free, independent and confidential support regarding academic and personal matters to all Deakin students.
  • An Advocate can assist you to understand the allegation process, the written submission, hearing process and the range of possible outcomes.
  • An Advocate can assist you in face-to-face appointments, by phone and via email.
  • An Advocate can accompany you to your allegation hearing as your support person.
  • Advocates can also provide you with referrals to support services both within Deakin University and externally.
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