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Special consideration and extensions

If you are experiencing extenuating circumstances and are unsure if you are eligible for an extension or special consideration, contact the DUSA Advocacy team for a free appointment.

Looking at applying for an extension or Special Consideration?
DUSA Advocacy can help.

Extensions and Special Consideration are separate applications, you can find out more in the Assessment (Higher Education Courses) Procedure.

Extensions – before the due date

  • You can apply for an extension when unexpected circumstances prevent you from submitting an assignment by the due date, attending a test, placement, practicum or similar. You should speak to your Unit Chair as soon as you become aware of any problems.
  • Extension applications must be submitted via the assignment extension tool in the learning management system. Extension applications normally need appropriate supporting documentation (for example a medical certificate, death or funeral notice, police report, a letter from a social worker or psychologist etc).
  • Assignment extensions are normally only approved when you apply before the assessment task due date. A maximum of 7 calendar days (this includes weekends) can be granted as an extension. Unit Chairs may also suggest you apply for Special Consideration in circumstances where you are impacted by more significant circumstances and require a longer extension or you require more than 7 days ’ extension, or you were unable to apply before the due date. You can find out more on the Deakin Assignments webpage here.

Special Consideration – on or after the due date

  • You can apply for Special Consideration if your performance is temporarily and adversely affected by circumstances outside of your control. You may apply for approval to undertake an assessment task at another time or to take additional time to complete an assessment task.
  • Students must apply within 3 university working days after the due date of the assessment task or date of examination.
    Please note: If you have been granted an extension and are unable to meet the new deadline, you are able to apply for Special Consideration.
  • For information regarding allowable grounds to apply for Special Consideration and details of the application process please click here.
DUSA Advocates can support you with your Extension and Special Consideration applications.
  • DUSA Advocates provide confidential advice and support on a range of academic and personal matters, including Special Consideration.
  • Your DUSA Advocate will work together with you to assess your situation and discuss possible courses of action.
  • Your DUSA Advocate can assist you to work out what kind of supporting documentation you could provide as part of your Special Consideration application.
  • If your Special Consideration application is denied, you can contact DUSA Advocacy for further advice and assistance. DUSA Advocates can also provide information and referrals to Deakin services and external services.
  • For more information or to speak to a DUSA Advocate about your situation, please contact us.

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