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On the Path of Success: Lochlin Hamer

Here at DUSA, we love to hear stories of student’s successes. So, we want to share this story of hard work, dedication and passion, one that we know will go on to inspire others to chase their goal!

Lochlin Hamer is in his final year of his Bachelor of Business (Sport Management) and despite being very early in his career, he sure has an impressive list of achievements so far. Lochlin is a Deakin Sport Ambassador, he is also involved in the Leadership Development Pathway, as well as the Global Citizenship Program. As part of this program, Lochlin had the incredible opportunity to travel to France, partaking in the FBL Sport Federations and Major Events Management Programme. For Lochlin, his passions have always been in the sport industry, particularly in sports management. He says:

“I am passionate about providing equal opportunity for people in sport, regardless of their individual circumstances or characteristics. I believe that sport is a powerful tool. It can be used as a means of achieving a range of health, social, cultural and economic outcomes.”

In 2019, Lochlin was a residential student at our Burwood Campus. He worked at the Australian Football League, in their State League and Talent Development Pathway. During his time there, he worked as a state-level umpire and he hopes of reaching the AFL. Fast-forward to 2021, and he is now living internationally in the state of Indiana, USA. He now is building his skill as a Sport marketing Intern, specialising in digital and live activation at both the Basic Athletic Measurement and The Shift-Athletics. He also volunteers with the Challenger Division of Little League Baseball, where he gives back to his community by helping children with disabilities to get involved and participate in Baseball. He tells us that this is often the highlight of his week:

“Each child has such distinct personalities, and it is so heart-warming seeing how excited they can get throughout the game, as well as seeing first-hand how important sport can be as a socialisation factor.”

Now Lochlin is involved in developing DUSA’s Virtual World Series (DVWS) for Deakin. DVWS is a platform, created to bring students together over their sporting interests, through tipping and fantasy sporting competitions. No matter if you’re an on-campus student, a cloud student, or Deakin Alumni, Lochlin says that he wants the DVWS to be a centralised medium upon which all students are able to congregate and share their passion for sport.

Lochlin aims to continue his studies with Deakin, through to a post-graduate level as his always been set on developing his academic and professional capabilities. As a person who is highly ambitious, Lochlin says:

“When I am passionate about a particular goal and have my heart set on achieving it, I will work relentlessly to actually achieve it. I am persistent and will overcome challenging circumstances that seek to impede me from achieving a set goal.”

Visit the DVWS to find out more about the program or register to participate. If you’re passionate about sport, and are interested in DVWS, also join the Facebook group to get connected to like-minded students.

Don't forget to connect with Lochlin via his LinkedIn to see what else he gets up to!


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