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Results Release

Waiting for your unit results to be released can be really stressful.

Once they have been released you may have questions or concerns that you wish to talk through with one of our DUSA Advocates. You can contact us via phone 9246 8615 or via our online web form.

Frequently asked questions following the release of results include:

1. Can I request a Review of my Result?

Yes. You can request either an

Administrative Review: This checks that all assignment and exam marks have been included and added up correctly to obtain your final mark.

Or an

Academic Review: If you believe your result is not fair, you will need to provide evidence that your work was not marked in accordance with the marking criteria or that there was a misapplication of other relevant University policies or procedures. Simply thinking that you deserve a better mark is not grounds for review.

A request for a review needs to be lodged within 5 working days of your result being released.

2. Can I apply for a Conceded Pass or Supplementary Assessment?

After results are released at the end of a study period, you may be eligible to apply for Final Unit to Complete (depending on your grade) if you have completed all bar one credit point needed to finalise your degree. If you have a unit result between 45-49 in some circumstances it can be changed to a conceded pass (PC). You may be eligible to complete a supplementary assessment for a unit that you have failed in the last 12 months, if you previously scored between 40 and 49. To find out more information you can speak with one of our Advocates or click here.

Result Release

3. Can I apply for a Refund of Fees or Remission of Debt for a failed unit?

If you were impacted after relevant census dates due to special circumstances and were unable to pass your unit/s, you may be eligible for a Remission/refund of debt. Our Advocates can provide more information and talk with you regarding the supporting documentation you will need to provide with your application.

4. Can I get help responding to a Progress letter from your Faculty?

Our Advocates assist students to respond to proposed conditions of proposed exclusions. We help you to identify barriers that may have affected your academic progress and strategies and supports to overcome these barriers.

5. Who can I talk to about intermitting, changing my study load, course or major?

Don’t hesitate to contact Deakin’s Student Central to discuss any changes you might want to make to your course such as intermission, reducing your study load or changing your major.


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