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Have you received a Condition Proposal letter due to unsatisfactory academic progress? Our experienced Advocacy team are here to help and can provide you with support with your response.

DUSA’s Student Advocacy and Support Service assists many students who have received an Academic Progress email from a Deakin faculty committee. If you have received an email proposing conditions on your enrolment, you don’t need to go through this alone.

We can help you understand this and support you with your response. Please contact us to book a free, confidential appointment with a professional and experienced Advocate. We understand that circumstances can impact on your ability to pass units. These circumstances may be related to health, wellbeing, finances, family, or academic issues. When you are unable to pass certain units, or you have exceeded the maximum timeframe to complete your course, your faculty may propose conditions on your enrolment. You can access the Deakin Academic Progress Policy here.

If you have received a Condition Proposal letter, you can make an appointment with a DUSA Advocate who can:
  • Assist you to understand the proposal letter and the process of responding.
  • Support you to consider the possible courses of action available to you.
  • Provide advice about services that are relevant to your personal individual circumstances so you can access support if you want to.
  • If you deciding to apply for a review of the condition, we can assist you to work out what information and supporting documents to include in your written submission, review your draft written submission and provide you with suggestions about how to strengthen it. You can access our Condition Proposal Written Submission Template here.
  • We can assist you to prepare for your Review Meeting and accompany you to the Review Meeting as your support person.
I have received an Outcome Letter regarding the Faculty Committees decision, am I able to appeal?

Yes, you can find out more here on the DUSA Appeal of an academic progress outcome webpage.

Contact us today to arrange a free Advocacy appointment.

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