Student Advocacy competition - Tell us what you meme. Image shows different memes: dog, kanye west, shrek, winnie the pooh, patrick, frog and senior giving thumbs up. Text says: Time to get creative with your meme skills for a change to win some AirPod Pros!

Tell us what YOU meme

The DUSA SASS Team ran a Meme Competition in T2 2022 about Academic Integrity Awareness.

The information available on this page is from our T2 2022 Academic Integrity Awareness Campaign.

There are lots of resources available from DUSA and Deakin regarding Academic Integrity. There are the Academic Integrity Units, the Deakin Guide to Referencing, Study Support and the Advocacy Service, just to name a few! For this competition, we wanted to hear from students! SASS ran a competition called 'Tell us what you meme'. We find that Memes are a great way to be reminded about academic integrity through humour – and who better to ask than students themselves!

The purpose of this competition was to help promote academic integrity in a fun, humorous and engaging way. This campaign involved asking students to create memes about academic integrity. We asked for the submissions to address academic integrity and be educational. Specifically, submissions that promote the fundamental values of integrity: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage; and what it means to act with integrity even in the face of stress, pressure or disappointment. Submissions could address academic, research, or professional integrity. The three winning students were awarded Apple AirPod Pros. We received over 100 entries and thank all students for entering the competition!

The three winning memes in order of appearance were created by Stacey Richardson, Prashant Rana and Jacob Barry.

The Terms and Conditions are available here. The guidelines for this competition were adapted from the IDOA International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating 2021 Student Meme Contest. The IDOI competition guide which can be found here.

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