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Academic Integrity Awareness

Raising student awareness one campaign at a time!

The importance of academic integrity awareness

If you have received an academic integrity allegation, please click here for more information about how SASS can help.

What is the DUSA Academic Integrity Awareness Campaign?

After observing an increase in Contract Cheating allegations at Deakin in 2015, the DUSA Student Advocacy and Support Service (SASS) hosted the first academic integrity awareness campaign. The first few years of the campaign were focused on deterring Contract Cheating and raising awareness of potential outcomes from a proven allegation and other personal consequences. Some students were not aware of university support services they could access when experiencing vulnerabilities that could lead to Contract Cheating behaviours, so the campaign also raises awareness about support services. In the years that have followed, the campaign has expanded to include other breach types.

What do breaches of student academic integrity standards include?

Each definition below will take you to a YouTube Video Animation that explains the breach type. You can also read the Student Academic Integrity Policy via the Deakin Policy Library, or reach out to the SASS Team.

How does DUSA plan the next Academic Integrity Awareness Campaign?

After each campaign, SASS has evaluated the success of the campaign by analysing student engagement, conducting student focus groups to establish effectiveness, and reviewing activation data to establish areas for improved student awareness.

Have an idea for future Academic Integrity Awareness Campaigns?

We always enjoy hearing ideas from students. Feel free to let us know what you think should be part of the next academic integrity awareness campaign via our ideas form.

Our Previous Academic Integrity Awareness Campaigns

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