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Academic Integrity Awareness

Reach out to us with any questions you may have about all things academic, including assessments and exams.

Academic Integrity Awareness Campaign

DUSA and the Student Advocacy & Support Service (SASS) are here to raise awareness and help you navigate actions that could be considered a breach of academic integrity. Every year, the SASS team host an Academic Integrity Awareness Campaign covering many different facets of dishonest conduct in assessments. The aim is to assist students to avoid breaching Academic Integrity.

There were sudden changes in 2020 – a move to online learning and online or open-book exams. This was new for many students and we understand that your studies may not have gone to plan. It’s really important to make sure you understand the requirements for your assessments to avoid breaches of Academic Integrity. We are here to give you the heads up about your upcoming exam period.

Let’s talk about exams.

Exams can be stressful and the move to online exams was not what anyone expected at the start of 2020.

Deakin is aware that some students worked together on their online exams recently. If you work together with someone during your exam, it is very likely that Deakin will find out as they are now using new detection methods. Remember you need to do your exams by yourself. There can be serious consequences if you don’t.

Let’s get studying.

Studying together can be a great way to learn about your course work and from each other, however there is a difference between collaborating and colluding. For example: helping each other with exam study notes could lead to you and your friend writing the same answers in an online or open-book exam. This can be considered collusion, even if you are just trying to help each other. We know that exams can be really stressful and are frequently a large percentage of the unit’s total grade, so we really want to help all students prepare for their exams in the right way.

‘Study’ and ‘assignment help’ services… what should you choose?

Unfortunately not all services are as helpful as they may appear. You may see ads or webpages for external study/assignment services and receive messages or emails. We do not recommend accessing these services as many of these companies and not legitimate and could be considered contract cheating, even if you are just accessing or exchanging study notes. It can be hard to tell as the websites are really good at pretending to be student friendly. It’s safest to assume the website is not allowed by Deakin unless Deakin has directed you to use that particular website’s services.

Let’s talk about what you can do.

You may be feeling uncertain, however Deakin actually has numerous free supports available for students (like you!). The great thing about Deakin services is that they are here just for Deakin students. So have a read through our below recommendations so you know where you can get the support you need when you need it.

  • If you are unsure of what the requirements for your assessment are or if you are worried about failing, we recommend getting help now. Talk to your Unit Chair, access Study Support, speak to a counsellor and consider applying for an extension or Special Consideration.
  • Utilise study planners to help you stay on top of your trimesters study load.
  • Create your own personal study notes; make sure anything you include in your exam paper is your own individual work and not from any shared study notes.
  • If a friend tells you then have cheated or colluded, help them get the assistance they need so they don’t do this again. You also have the option to report a student to the Student Conduct team.

Not sure where to start? If you would like to speak to someone about your specific circumstances, please feel free to contact our free Student Advocacy and Support Service. We are here to help and support students and our experienced and friendly team can help you develop a plan for your current and future studies. You can complete our online contact form, or give us a call on (03) 9246 8615.

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DUSA employs qualified and experienced Advocates who offer confidential advice and support. Watch this video to find out more.

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