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Higher Degrees by Research (HDR)

The DUSA Student Advocacy and Support Service supports all students including those currently undertaking their PHD. Advocates can provide free and confidential advice and support around a number of issues related to your PHD experience. Contact us for a free appointment.

Would you like support during your HDR studies? We're here to help.

The HDR journey can be a growth experience, it can shape you as a student and deliver the achievement of being an expert in your field of study. However, at times the journey can be stressful and feel as though it will never end. Sometimes speaking to someone can help to work through the processes of a PHD, the relationships, the struggles or the triumphs.

Advocates can provide support and advice regarding a range of academic matters. We can also provide advice regarding intermission, research progress and supervision issues. Contact us today for a free appointment.

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“Very thankful and grateful to my DUSA Advocate for immense support, guidance and assistance. I do not know what I would have done without my DUSA Advocate. Very happy with DUSA support services.”
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